The Manawatu Beekeepers Club would like to inform you of a scholarship we are offering to Manawatu residents. This is open to any age. It is specifically directed towards people who are interested in pursuing beekeeping as a career, or maybe just as an interest, hobby, or sustainable environmental resource.

Apiculture in New Zealand has flourished in recent years and bee numbers are large.

Commercial Beekeeping businesses are regularly advertising for beekeepers - new or experienced. The backyard hobbyist beekeeper is providing for friends and family, the semi-commercial beekeeper is selling their product at markets and the commercial apiarist is selling quality products offshore, so there are many levels of involvement for the trained beekeeper.

Many orchardists and market gardens also require pollination from bees, as well as beekeeping being an environmentally sound addition to any organic operation. Good training in beekeeping is essential for healthy bees.

If you have any friends, family or neighbours who may be interested, can you please share the scholarship details with them. If you require any further information about this scholarship please contact our club at:

The scholarship PDF link is available to download here

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